Each Person is a Universe

What if every person is a universe?Each person is a piece of work Might as well be celestial Encasing tiny atom earths If truly nothing mattersThan just take it and have funWhat else Is there for us to do?Before death below the sun You can subscribe to my email list below. I solemnly promise not to blow up... Continue Reading →

On the Go, Flower Gator

I come and I goI stay on the roadWhen the sun goes downI find my way homeI didn’t stay with you when I had the chanceNow I have no time to make my plansI’m sorry for the person I amBut there’s no need to make amendsBlue moon shadowShow me your eyesTake off on a pathI’ll... Continue Reading →

Coast, Quiet, Creatures

We ride before dawnWe will watch the lights rise Over the highway On our way southTo the coastYou will be frightened You will be wearyOf the long rideBut when we feel itThat gulf ocean airYou will be freeI will be freeWe are a teamI don’t speak There’s no useAll is grimSo I refuse To join inThe gossipThe sacrifice The harlotI enjoy... Continue Reading →

My Personal Curse

My personal curseWriting this verseNo one to read itCould be much worseI could be like youA cruel lying fakeWith petty concernsAnd mistaken faithBut you are no matterI only fight for meConcerned not of othersI accept my diseaseMy personal curseWriting these linesTo be forever unreadAt least it’s mine

Sea Rim State Park

The winds were kindThe seas were smoothSailing was simpleThe fears removedUntil came the SharksHungry for bloodDorsal fins aroseBodies went numbNo ship could protectJust wood on waterAgainst the beastsEager to slaughterThe calm seas were liesThey hid the truthNow the sharks circleThe journey is through

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