Day 262 – Why Did They Let Me Live

I’m just lucky they gave me a second body. They wiped my memory of my previous life, so I don’t know what I did to get myself put in this wretched place. Even so, I’m told most prisoners are just allowed to die with no mechanical reincarnation. My new awakening has left me with a... Continue Reading →

Day 253 – Simulated Reincarnation

Picking a new body for the next cycle of life is a privilege. That’s one of the rights I lost when I was granted 2 consecutive life sentences - not that there’s anything wrong with this body, but I would have preferred something a little less human...maybe something with wings. Is that even possible? Thank... Continue Reading →

Day 247 – Reminiscing

It’s afternoon in the middle of winter. The air is crisp and dry and the wind is blowing, creating a chill impossible to escape, but the sun is out. From inside, the day looks beautiful but outside it feels frozen. She bundled up in her warmest winter coat and slid on a knitted beanie with... Continue Reading →

Day 233 – He Was Condemned

He slowly paddles through the black water until he reaches the pier. He’s alone - entirely alone. It’s a dark rotting ghost town. Please download my FREE brief book about a battle with bulimia: StaticDownload Freedom Tank Always Searching Rash Guard Sunset Tee Please download my FREE brief book about a battle with bulimia: StaticDownload... Continue Reading →

Day 15 – Bloody and Desensitized

We become desensitized to the tragedy. Nothing shocks us anymore. We’ve grown used to the murders and attacks of terror. In fact, we expect madness to come in swarms of destruction. There was a lot of blood. To be fair, there’s always a lot of blood on the floor when the deed is done. Lately,... Continue Reading →

Day 12 – Connecting Through Darkness

Darkness is like an extra appendage extending from my forehead. Others can see its concrete manifestations through my actions and words. They know it haunts me. Just like an unwanted tumor, it isn’t easily removed. I can’t take this knife and slice it off, I can’t pay a doctor for a surgical saw. It’s a... Continue Reading →

Day 5 – That Busy Road

The road is busier than usual today and each driver appears to feel the urge to speed faster than the last. There were days when I would only witness one single truck slowly trekking down the road early in the morning and again before noon. Baxter had coffee with his sister every morning. Then the... Continue Reading →

Tales of Growing up

There was once a little girl of 3 years. She lived with her family in a small house in a tiny neighborhood. Aside from the girl, the family consisted of a mother, father, a teenage boy, and 2 dogs. The neighborhood was poor, but peaceful, and the trees and flowers were blooming beautifully as springtime... Continue Reading →

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