New Free Book – Coffin Dance

Please check out my new book of photos and poems - Coffin Dance. Thank you for stopping by. coffindanceDownload for Free

The Wings of New (530 Word Story)

Barbara has seen three gruesome wars and multiple economic depressions. She had witnessed decades of societal changes and dozens of presidential races. She watched friends around her slowly wither away until death overcame them. She lost her husband to cancer. She had even watched two of her sons take their own lives.  Through it all,... Continue Reading →

The Place Between Alive and Dead

The place between alive and dead - the plane which the path is opened in mediation, or sometimes, through sleep (accidentally). It’s the place where one can view all the spirits present in the area. It’s a place where old friends can briefly reunite. Is it a real place? Or does this place only exist... Continue Reading →

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