Day 35 – Shaking Pack

Storms start at midnight Will the pack be afraid? Maybe there‚Äôs comfort  In the growing numbers Last week we had 3 Now our count is double  Unplanned and new  Huddle in the thunder

Tales of Growing up

There was once a little girl of 3 years. She lived with her family in a small house in a tiny neighborhood. Aside from the girl, the family consisted of a mother, father, a teenage boy, and 2 dogs. The neighborhood was poor, but peaceful, and the trees and flowers were blooming beautifully as springtime... Continue Reading →

Everything and Nothing (Simultaneously)

I feel like nothingGoing through motionsJust to surviveWe have to keep movingThough what I needIs a day to be the nothing I amTo Barely exist To freely persistInto the black voidWhere I will beOnce and for allThe nothing I feelThis is a dayOf no moving forwardNo moving onAll feelingsPast, present, and future All within in meIn this moment On... Continue Reading →

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