Day 11 – Freedom in Recon Cove

I dream to be a crane on the lake. Or a pelican near the sea. In the trees on the coast hides the entrance to the cove. Follow the labyrinth of water trails as it twists and turns and leads to a secret home within leaves and life. There, it’s safe - safe to be... Continue Reading →

Dear Stray Dog…Follow Me

You’re free to follow me home. I won’t scream, kick, or chase you away. In fact, I’ll feed you and love you forever. But you must know, stray dog, if you follow me home, I’m a stray too. Following me will bring you to an island of lost wanderers. We are misfits thrown from the... Continue Reading →

Twelventures #3: Two Days with Little Leia

Two days wasn’t enoughYou were the most perfect little runt You taught me so muchIn only two daysI learned about lifeI learned about the universeAll from youWho weighed less than half a poundAnd slept most of the timeWhile I stayed awakeFor two whole daysThe sweetest tiny faceThe softest heartwarming soundsThe attachment and instinct The search for warmthYou... Continue Reading →

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