Day 101 – Lake and Wondering

I hope I one day have a job where I don’t dread Sunday nights for the anticipation of the week. Wanting to get out of bed would be nice, too. All I ever think about is how much awesomeness I’m missing because I’m doing what I HAVE to do.  Why do I HAVE to do... Continue Reading →

Solipsism and Restless Sleep

A bed so comfortable and safe, yet it can’t protect from the dreams that attack during the night from time to time. Haunted by the same person each time, nothing can stop the memories in the weakness of sleep. Am I weak for being so tired? Time and energy are scarce. I tried. I did... Continue Reading →

This is Why You Are The Sun

Metaphors for human life exist all throughout nature - if we take the time to observe and compare. Seeing the parallels between your life and the lives of creatures and natural phenomenons all throughout the universe will help you feel connected to something greater than the modern, manipulated society. This post will discuss the similarities... Continue Reading →

Terrain and Code Cracking

Code killerBack breakerFake fillerPill takerPopping pillsCrushing killsBuilding billsMoving stillIt's insaneGo awayIt's goodbyeIt's todayTalking tipsStaying fitProject sideHuddle hits You can subscribe to my email list below. I solemnly promise not to blow up your inbox. At most, you'll receive one email every couple weeks with free downloads and updates. You'll immediately get to download a few... Continue Reading →

4 Reasons to Be Like the Sun

What is life without the sun? Life would not exist if earth weren’t perfectly placed in the sun’s glorious rays. The sun is life, and also a role model. Be like the sun. Photo by Sebastian Voortman on 1 - The Sun is Bright: Be bright. Be a shining ball of light in a... Continue Reading →

Sun, Summer, Dying Plants and Bike Crashes

Sleeping without alarmsWearing PJs all dayNowhere to goNo work and all playThe life is summerIt’s the life we needLaid back and lazyNo fights, no greedShe watered the plants but everything diedWhat does it take for a seed to survive?She loses motivation every timeIs there a cure to keep hope alive?My blood’s all over the pavement There’s... Continue Reading →

Hope and Hate

A piece of youBecame a partOf meBut then you lost That piece of youI lovedAnother youReplaced the oldGoodbyeNever the sameMy piece of youHas died You startedA warWhy are you Surprised That peopleHave diedDon’t pretendTo cryOnly warThat countsIs the warInsideForget KingsAnd queensWe are freeTo fightWe must go onWith hope or hateBoth are cruelBoth breed fateOne will kill usThey are the... Continue Reading →

Dear Sun…Stay

When you are gone for days at a time my spirits fall. I find no motivation for life itself other than eating and sleeping. It’s in these long stretches of sunless sky that I remember how much I love to see and feel your power. You give me life, Sun. You remind me of what... Continue Reading →

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