Day 28 – As the Sun Rises in the East

As the sun rises in the east So I shall rise from this defeat Learning is all that I do seek Now teach me skills and set me free

Sun, Summer, Dying Plants and Bike Crashes

Sleeping without alarmsWearing PJs all dayNowhere to goNo work and all playThe life is summerIt’s the life we needLaid back and lazyNo fights, no greedShe watered the plants but everything diedWhat does it take for a seed to survive?She loses motivation every timeIs there a cure to keep hope alive?My blood’s all over the pavement There’s... Continue Reading →

Dear God…Where are You?

Up there or not, I write this letter. Perhaps not for any other reason than to vent my thoughts on the subject of You. Because of all the contradictory information and evidence...I still want You. I still feel I need You. So, what’s a lost soul to do? There are no answers in the Book.... Continue Reading →

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