the Ghost I Can’t Forget

Some heartbreaks come and go. It hurts for awhile and then the moving on/letting go processes begin to make their way into our lives. The broken heart gains some perspective and starts mending itself.  However, there’s always that ONE person that the brain just cannot seem to forget. That ONE scar on the heart that... Continue Reading →

It’s All We Know

They ask a lot of questions because questions are less harmful when a person is younger and has less to hide. The grave gets deeper with each year as more secrets fill the space below the surface. It deepens faster than I can cover. Exposed. But there are worse ways to go and less cozy... Continue Reading →

Paddle Out Past The Break

And so another week begins as the last will forever end and become nothing more than a small figment of my memory. It’s odd how quickly they come and go, arrive and disappear in an instant. Life is truly an illusion. She is a few brief moments disguised as many decades of experiences. In the... Continue Reading →

Q&A Throughout Life

Insanity has been the result of years of searching for answers to my questions. At this point, I’m not even sure answers would help. Maybe the answers aren’t the problem. Maybe I should ask different questions. Maybe I should enjoy asking the questions. Perhaps the answers are in the questions themselves.

Day 1 Without You

<img src="; alt="Welcome to day 1 without you<br>Wish I'd never even met you<br>But we both know that's not trueWelcome to day 1 without youWish I'd never even met youBut we both know that's not trueWill I ever make it to day 2?<img src="; alt="This thinking will be the death of meThis thinking will be the... Continue Reading →


Seriously, where the hell did you come from? I was minding my business, going to work, doing my daily routine and then you swoop in and shut EVERYTHING down. Joke's on you, COVID-19. I'm a homebody. I've been reading up a storm lately. I've been spending quality time with my pets. But here's the thing... Continue Reading →

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