Buring Pages, Wanting, and Belief

Burn the pages...Not out of shameBut to bring a new day Burn the pages...Not to forgetBut to existBurn the pages...The more I getThe more I wantThat’s how it worksThat’s why I’m lost Maybe that’s what he told them.Maybe that‘a what they should see.The truth is heart breaking.History is what they believe  You can subscribe to my email... Continue Reading →

Not the Same Wants or Blood

We’re all equal But not all the sameWe’re growing similarWe’re becoming disdain Different is beautiful Diversity is wiseNow the collectiveMelts into our minds I know what I wantAnd hate what I needDespite the long yearsYou’re all I can seeIs this a disease?A tortuous evilHaunted by memoriesOf love unequal Could it be you?Could I be right?What I feel Is never wiseIf I... Continue Reading →

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