Day 106 – Shadow’s Transformation

The night of the changeBefore the dawn breaksWhen the eyes turn blueBeneath the full moonTransformation trueIt’s long overdueNearly free to roamTo find a new homeGoodbye in the nightForgiving the fightDarkness all aroundIn the midnight howlFrom death comes new lifeThe dark brings new lightA rebirth in dirtBeneath the dark EarthTake back what they tookThe Wandering WolfOcean... Continue Reading →

Fireworks Give My Dogs Anxiety

Drain the ocean to discover the beasts belowWhat swims in the deepest of trenches, no one knows Maybe we’re not meant to make everything known When we have all the answers we will be aloneHappiness is one thingAnd content is anotherAre both lives possible?Or are we cursed to wonder?Be a bright star in a sea of shadeA... Continue Reading →

Sunday Radio and Shadow

No one plays good musicOn Sunday morningsIt’s so boring Most just talkThe radio doesn’t playMuch good music anywayI’m looking for Grandma’s dogOn this Sunday morningHe’s a white shadowIn a seaOf trees And trailer housesHe ran from the fireworksWhy do we even celebrateWith bombsBombs kill independenceIs this search hopeless?He’s like a white coyoteWith ice blue eyesIf I find... Continue Reading →

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