Day 159 – Less is More (Words)

There‚Äôs always too many unnecessary words. I like keeping it simple. Less is more. Get the point across and then stay silent. People keep throwing out pointless dialogue when they want to hide their ignorance or get attention. You download my brief book about my history with mental illness here: StaticDownload Freedom Tank Always Searching... Continue Reading →

Twelventures #5: ABC’s of Society

American avariceBenevolent betrayalCorrupted contagion Deception derailed Eruption explodesFar from freedom Gluttonous greedHellish heathens Ignorance is idolJudicial justice Killing kryptonite Loathing lay luscious Makeshift MorbidityNo nonsense noises  Operation outsidePermeating poisonQuantum quicksilver Radiation reeking Silent sanctum soaring Titanium teething Uranium underVehicular vaporWatching with Wonder

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