My First Book of Poetry on Amazon!

Tree Leaves in Wolf's Maw

Day 22 – The Energy of a Dead Consciousness

The Law of Conservation of Energy says that energy is never lost or destroyed, it’s only transformed. What if consciousness is a form of energy? When a person dies, where does the consciousness go? If consciousness is energy, that energy can’t be destroyed. Where does the energy of consciousness go when the body/vessel dies?

Day 16 – Adapt and Overcome

We breathe oxygen because that’s what our planet gave us to survive on. It’s not the other way around - we weren’t given oxygen because we needed it. We evolved to breathe oxygen because that’s what was available.  So life on other planets might not breathe oxygen at all. They would have evolved to breathe... Continue Reading →

Day 14 – Everyone’s Wrong

I likely could and quite probably should. Different context, same concept. Simple pretext, common content. They lie, we eat, we die, they feast.  If you thought I could move on, then you’re way more insane than I ever was.  If the vast majority does not agree then the masses around are wrong, you see?  I'm... Continue Reading →

Day 10 – Worms in My Fingers

Worms in my fingers with a silence bound to linger. Danger is the trigger for an ocean bound spinner. A novel of nothing drops hints about running. Subtle messages are coming from a gage of good hunting. We’re on different teams but part of the same dream. Everyday I lose more and more faith in... Continue Reading →

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