Day 101 – Lake and Wondering

I hope I one day have a job where I don’t dread Sunday nights for the anticipation of the week. Wanting to get out of bed would be nice, too. All I ever think about is how much awesomeness I’m missing because I’m doing what I HAVE to do.  Why do I HAVE to do... Continue Reading →

Day 98 – Through the Verses

I know it’s wrong  To think this way To want these things  That haunt my brain  Is it my fault? A dreaded curse That I can’t stop It’s so much hurt  The normal thoughts  I long to have A normal mind Without the black  This is so wrong  I push it down  And through the... Continue Reading →

Day 97 – Promised Myself

I want to talk to you right now, but I promised to stop. Less is more. I have to detach myself. What would I even say if I could send a message? There’s nothing to say - nothing of importance anyway. Nothing relevant. It’s just talking. Rambling. Because I crave a response. Any response makes... Continue Reading →

Easter is for Everyone

Regardless of religion, I think that Easter represents a relief from the winter. It’s a rising sun after a long, arduous night. It’s a blooming flower after months of rain. It’s a chance to breathe, pause, and appreciate the beauty of life returning all around. We all need Easter and springtime. We all need a... Continue Reading →

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